Crushes and back to school

Date: 4/18/2019

By Hikertrash48

There was a group of us in a smallish house like a trailer. I wasn’t sure who’s house it was and I didn’t know to many people either. I was standing with a guy I used to work with at a dollar store. Someone had called out that if you had a crush on anybody this would be the time to do it. As I started to tell Rick someone else had cut me off and told him that they had a crush on him. He said that he felt the same before turning around and asking what I was going to say. I just said it was nothing and proceeded to stand there silently. I was than in a school hallway. The hallway was crowded with kids running around trying to get to class. I get to my class and sit my stuff down. I walkout to go to the restroom but than realized it was labeled ‘boys’ or ‘girls’. I had a feeling it was the girls but wasn’t sure and I noticed a little wooden sign on the door that said Mrs. Butler. I started to make my way to class again when I heard a kid say he didn’t know where to go. I guid him to his class, than started sprinting towards my class before I was late.