Drug dealer gorillas

Date: 7/10/2017

By MsBananaNanner

It starts off in my childhood home, and I'm alone with just this younger, probably 8 year old boy named Eddy. For whatever reason, I'm teaching him how to use a gun, except that it's this really old sawed off shotgun so you have to really force it to get the bullets in. Eddy is really scared, and doesn't really want to touch it. Satisfied that he'll be able to defend himself when it comes to it, I head off to go hide it in a closet until it's time for us to leave. (I guess it was like an apocalypse type thing?) Eddy is still really nervous so I send him to the basement to hang out. After he is gone, I continue wandering around the house, getting everything in order and taking care of my pets, which is my dog except there are like 50 of them, all identical. As I'm letting my dog outside, I see a flash of black out of the corner of my eye. I strain to see what it was, but whatever it was was fast and already around the side of the house. I head to the front door and see it dash around the corner again. So I go back to the back door. And then I see that it is a pair of silverback gorillas! (There's a folk lore type story about wild gorillas in my town IRL, like Bigfoot--and I knew these had to be those gorillas) I couldn't believe it, and while I was a bit preoccupied over my dogs' safety, I was more excited about having seen the gorillas. I know that no one was going to believe me, so I fumble to get my phone out and take a picture. I get a fairly blurry one, but before I can get more they dash off around the front again. When I go out on the front porch, I see that the gorillas are now wearing neon pink and orange beanies and selling crack cocaine on the street corner. I find this odd, but don't do anything about it. Eventually, they give up their drug dealing and start coming up on the porch. I get kind of nervous, but try to remain calm. I find that they're actually pretty friendly, and I teach them how to take selfies--and now I have a good picture to prove that I saw them! I quickly text the picture to my family and friends because I know they won't believe me otherwise. The gorillas leave, and start play chasing/fighting with each other so I hurry around the house to get my dogs inside. The gorillas continue to get more violent, and then the authorities show up, trying to capture them. Two of the men stand in my neighbors yard and shoot tranq darts at them, basically covering the gorillas in little flag dart things, until finally, they drop. I hurry downstairs to check on Eddy, but then I wake up.