demon dog

Date: 7/13/2019

By juulianjuice

one of the most ominous dreams i’ve ever had. never have i felt such an intense presence from a dream. there was this house in the woods. it was grey and decently sized enough. it was my older brothers or something, ashley his gf lived there. she had a large light coloured dog which she adored in the dream. the dog lived with them. i remember visiting the house often. one day i got back from a trip, i heard bad news of the house. i heard sinister events were taking place. i went to visit the house and drove through the woods. many other cars were already gathered outside. supposedly ashley lost her mind or something, she drove her car full speed straight into a corner of the house, her gain from this stays unknown. it was a possible suicide attempt. which devastated my brother to no ends. in the meantime her dog had been sitting in the exact room, whether she knew he was there or not is also unknown. but the dog was killed. and a whole corner chunk of the house was completely gone and scraps of metal from the bright red car laid around. ashley didn’t die. she was going crazy tho. i saw her at some point and only remember her eyes being crazy. the dogs spirit became a demon or another demon was angry for the dogs death, i’m not sure. the demon was angry about the murder. i remember seeing a giant creature somewhat resembling a dog. it was white and had a face of spikes. i can’t describe its face in detail because i don’t know how to explain what i was seeing. but i’ve never seem anything so eery come from my own imagination. i recall it looking right at me, and seeing it move in a way i can’t explain, between floating and moving. whatever it was was straight evil. ashley seemed to have felt it’s evil and that’s why she was loosing her mind. i was scared to loose my mind too.