Date: 3/21/2017

By GhostNaps

Few nights ago I've had a realistic dream and I almost lost my breath. I remember that I was in some kind of building hanging around with my fiance and our friends and then I got an email from a weird address on my iPhone and when I opened the email and there was some kind of warning or text telling me that I'm going to die and then I received a picture of a group of people throwing out the window a dead person. I showed the email to my friends and fiance and he was more distraught and upset that I was. The next morning in the dream I remember me sleeping and then after few minutes or so I've heard a young girl screaming and then I woke up and put on the uniform and ran out to see a dead body of a fifteen years old girl and her mother crying out for help and in that moment the fiance run to the room only to find out what happened. After I went out for exercise,a black snake shadow figure grabbed my leg and tried to pull me down to some place and then a white light appeared and in that white light an angel smiling at me and protecting me from the creature. I felt grateful and at ease and safe. Later on..I was in combat with the dark creatures and I remember being stronger than them and being able to end their terror only because of my guardian angel (I've forgotten to mention that in the dream I have always a necklace with a little angel charm on). The next morning I remember that I was watching my fiance packing bags in our truck and that a human like dark creature stood next to me telling me that he's going to die and I responded with "He's got a angel protecting him at all times. He's going to make it." The last thing was me smiling because I successfully avenged the death of the fifteen years old girl and completedthe mission. Then when I looked around there were a lot more of the human like dark creatures. Also we were marines.