You Think This Is Ok?!

Date: 2/25/2017

By AcaciaC58

Last night I was too sleepy to successfully do a night time meditation before falling to sleep. Before I knew it I was dreaming that I was hosting several people who didn't have a place to stay in my living room. I live in a one bedroom apartment so things were pretty tight but I was just happy that I was helping. I lived a similar scenario in real life. Something happened to wear most of the people living in the living room left to live someplace else. It was either their time was up or I told them to go and I don't remember why or which... One family stayed. The youngest was a guy I had in choir class in high school. His name is Daniel. He was living in my living room with his parents who were European immigrants in my dream. In real life he was Mormon and in the dream this was so as well. For some reason I was suspicious of him. I feel that something came up missing in the dream and I thought he may have taken it or something like that so I had my husband go out to the living room and do some casual investigating. Non intrusive or accusing of anyone because it could have been anybody that took the thing. When he came back he was sliding his boxer briefs back on and I say confused "did you find anything?" He said "nah" so I said "what? Did he just finish suckin you off or something?" And he says "yeah!" So I say "are you serious?!" He confirms "And you think that's ok? You being a married man thought it ok to be sucked off by someone that's not your wife? And a man for that matter? You expect me to just be cool with that?" He shrugs defenseless as if he just did it to help or something. I just look at him. He tries to hold me and say sorry "Don't touch me!" I slap and push him away. "I can't believe you did that! Get out of my face tell Daniel he needs to leave fore I catch a case." My husband leaves the room. I find my gun case and don't even check to see if it's loaded because it always is. Hollow Tips. They took to long to flea so I head to the living room armed and aimed at Daniel "So you thought it ok to suck off a married man in his home huh?!" He stammers and tries to hide behind his hands. "Indeed you to answer my question! I have a gun in my hand and I'm looking for answers! ANSWER ME!!!!" He can't get anything out. I chuckle "I'm giving you three... two..." "I'M SORRY !!!!" He screams hoping to save his own life. "THAT'S NOT THE ANSWER!!!!" I shout back and pull the trigger. Nothing but a click. It felt that it was loaded but failed to fire. "You lucky mother fucker..." I say "Now you have another chance to answer my question. So, please. Try again" By this time he's peed his pants and is taking nervous deep breaths. I don't remember what he managed to get out but it wasn't good enough so I shot three times more. I just got shells but no shot, as if only blanks were loaded. I was confused because this never is the case. The gun is always loaded for emergencies. "Now's a great time to get the fuck out of here" I say and I turn to address my gun and it's case to see what's going on with the machinery. I notice it's raining really hard. I remember thinking "I hope it rains forever in their path." I unload the gun to find stick material stuck in the top of the clip area and where the bullet is loaded after I take it out. It was like harder but still a bit squishy gum. So I clean it and address the clip to see what kind of bullets are in place. It's not hollow tips as it usually is. It's something else. Same gummy material on the end and open, but not tapered like hollow tips so I address the backup clip I have in the case and switch them out. I make my way back into the living room to find that Daniel and his family are gone and my husband is in there alone probably contemplating what to do. When he sees me "I'm so sorry! It wasn't for what you may think!" He intended on continuing but I shushed him quiet. I look out the window, because I'm about to put him out, but it's snowing HARD. I contemplate "do I make this work or does he get the boot?" Then my alarm went off.