Pantyless Reporter

Date: 5/13/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm hanging out with a reporter. She's athletic, hott, and has light tan skin like she's part Hispanic. She's wearing a tight black dress appropriate for clubbing. Now she is sitting on a couch interviewing someone. I'm standing or squatting next to the cameraman and I can see that she is not wearing panties. She's not even holding her legs together so I get a really good view. She's shaved and very smooth. Since it's there, I decide to touch it. Then I shove my middle finger inside. Her face shows surprise and pleasure, but she continues her interview. Her vaginal walls tighten hard around my finger. She wants to look like she's resisting, but she wants it. It feels like suction on my finger. I go deeper, feeling around for the cervix and the A-spot.