Magical gifts

Date: 8/22/2017

By TinyDreamer

I was driving my car along the curved road by the high school and golf course. Suddenly there was another car very close to mine on the curve ad I kept finding myself almost running into the guard rail (not because the other car was pushing me but because I kept sitting sideways turning away from the guy in the car next to me and then trying to right myself and I wasn't watching the road). Then I pulled over to a gas station and so did the other car. A man and a woman were inside about my age. They got out when I did and we became friends. I had this small car that was painted to look like a rat. I think it was yellow but I was thinking I should paint it was actually really cool and rock-a-billylike. The guy hopped in my car when we left even though i thought my car was too small. He pointed out his car was only a one seater (didn't make sense to me since that's the car he came in, but I saw he was right) and we left. We came to a restaurant/store and met people they knew. It turned out the guy could make things turn into other things magically and he would have someone pick something from the store as a gift from him and then when they wore it it would turn into something amazing. One girl had a jacket or hat and it unfolded into a feathery cape. Eventually he told me to pick something too. I had a hard time finding something in the store. I went to try some things on but realized I was in some sort of coral seating area (the restaurant had western decorations) and there weren't any curtains so I went to find a dressing room. Then I was in "my home" and Carissa's boyfriend was fixing things around my house. It turned out he lived there too which I couldn't remember letting him do and I figured he had just moved in on his own and I was trying to figure out how to make him leave but he kept fixing things and it was late at night. The house was old but really cool with lots of trees around it and a big back yard with lots of plants.