Baby(after breakup)

Date: 7/17/2019

By minxie

I had to walk into a hunted type house I was aware that someone was in the house watching me.on the walls was dark red strip of paint leading me to where I was supposed to go. The house was dark brown. As I follow the streak I enter a master bedroom where there is an old vanity with a mirror as I look into it I see someone standing behind me but i am not frightened as I look back Down at the vanity case I see a dead baby as I pick it up the whole thing starts again. I run back up to the room to see that the baby is alive and as I walk with it to the next room she ages and runs towards a man with crazy brown curly hair and green eyes who embraces her. As I scan the room I see a blue dress hanging on a closed door but I didn’t want to put it on. Then we began painting the walls a pale blue and in the next room pale yellow.