a recent dream that i always think back to

Date: 3/24/2017

By darlah

it was the most content ive felt in a long time (ive had depression and other stuff for a while now). there was a purple-ish sunset and a busy city glowing in the distance. there was also a busy bridge almost directly above where i was sitting. i was sitting on a large pipe that stuck out of the ground. the pipe was about 6-8 feet from the top but was very close to the ocean (about a foot). the ocean waves were crashing just beneath me. i could hear the people walking and driving and talking above me. it was perfect : i was by myself, but i knew i wasnt alone. i was alone and not lonely. as an introvert this is my dream to just. technically be by myself, but know that if i ever dont want to be alone people are near by. to just watch the people pass by and sit calmly at a distance. the waves were also a big part of it because i am comforted very much by the ocean and any kind of violent weather (thunderstorms n stuff) so to hear the ocean just beneath me and get little flecks of salt water on me was perfection along with everything else.