Date: 2/26/2017

By KhandieeKane

I was supposed to be in the Avengers movie. I was walking around and seen the directors of Thor 3 and the Russo brothers. Then Chris Hemsworth walks up to me with the Thor 3 script and lets me look at it. The words were gibberish but I was still reading it. They were supposed to be jokes. Then Chris starts to talk but he is talking so low that I can't make out what he's saying. We were friends because in the dream I had apparently worked on the other Thor movies and knew him before. The my old friend walks in and I tell her that I'm going to be in the Avengers movie and I'm freaking out. Then Chris Evans walks in and introduces himself to me. Then everyone is at lunch and I am by my self because no one wants to talk to me because I'm the new kid. I am walking around and it's like a nursing home. That is the end of that dream. Another dream I was like 40 weeks pregnant . And I am not pregnant in real life. It was just me walking around outside during Mardi Gras.