getting shit off my chest

Date: 3/18/2017

By nexus

I've been going through some stuff lately in the real world like the girl that I like I've known her for a while now and we're really good friends and at one point I can feel that she liked me in the same way but I was also really fixated on my dreams and stuff which I never really told her about but anyways I guess I took to long to ask her out and now she's with someone else...last night It felt like two nights because my consciousness was off the charts it was to much to have a lucid dream or anything and when I finally did fall asleep my emotions were so intense that I think i started to see different worlds where things could've worked out perfectly with me being the best person that I can to her and myself, I saw a whole lot of things some of which I can't even remember but all the ones that I can were about her and our relationship and it only makes it worse when you wake back up...dreams can be cruel and by trying to help it just makes things worse if I were able to go back in time I'm not sure if I would change anything because it wouldn't be fair but that's besides the point I wasn't fully here these past couple weeks and now I don't really know where I go from here