Denise died in a roof fire

Date: 5/26/2019

By Tree3

People strung explosive lights along the roof tops and many died including my best friend from high school, Denise At the trial, the guilty were named including my daughter but I was specifically named as not guilty I was upset about that as I must have been considered as one of the guilty to begin with - which wasn’t fair 😞 I was also pleased that publicly everyone in the courtroom could hear that I was innocent. I was sitting in the courtroom but high above the activity —like I was floating Suddenly, I was eating chocolate covered matzo and my adult daughter approached and wanted some but I wouldn’t let her have any When a piece fell on the ground she picked it up and ran off I was angry about that so I bundled up all the matzo and tied it up with a string and got into my car I drove past my daughter who was playing guitar in the street with people around I threw the matzo bundle and it landed near her She stopped playing and walked over to grab the matzo as I drove away