A Different Version of Ahab

Date: 4/29/2017

By Fitful

I was intent on a voyage across the sea. I convinced the world to let me go, I think i was like a president or someone important enough to affect large bodies of people like countries. I had begun to build things which were aestheticly pleasing, this huge ship which felt like it was also a country, was made mostly of grey stone, but recently I had added onto it. The stuff I added was dark blue and dark brown and maroon. It was lovely. But the people grew bored with the idea and went back to building with stone. I needed to go, however, there was a truth I needed to see. The government, people higher up than me, didn't want me to go, so they let me. They funded it. I gave a rousing speech to the people, telling them about the ship I had manged to communicate with. This ship/landmass was built on the back of a giant sea serpent. I had managed to go under the ship and into it's skin, the core of it was hurt and crumbling, you could see the white broken parts. I tried to fix that part. But i also think that's how I controlled it. And we went, all of us on this grand expedition. I took close friends, family, government people. I had to go, there was a truth out there I needed to find. It was imperative. I had a pet whale which the serpent ship dwarfed. I kept going even when it disappeared and was lost. My grandfather and I had conversations but he still didn't understand my resolve. He was supportive, in a distant i love you way, but he didn't understand. We found our ship changing course in the middle of the expedition, it diverted to a different higher plane of ocean, and stopped at a giant tree. The tree was so large it had a tank of water high up in its bowers which housed my lost whale. The inhabitants were kind enough to care for it, and treat us as guests. We relaxed here, at this tree, and it was good. I was glad my whale was somewhere safe. I found out a scary truth, and one of my loyal best friends was involved from birth. It was a conspiracy of epic proportions, concocted by the government. I saw it as fake robot faces on primates, with fake skin stretched over the robot parts. It made them look human, but beneath this mask was the robot part on a gorilla face making them only seem more evolved then they were . My friend was one of them, and screamed when it was discovered, clutching his face suddenly lost in his controlled biology. It was a type of engineered biology. There was more to the truth but I was forced to head back. The government wanted me back immediately. I and a friend were taken to a hospital the moment we were back. I was very upset. A police officer stayed with me in my hospital room, and I watched myself in the third person with a machine gun that suddenly appeared, a small one. He had a hard time loading his gun, he only successfully loaded and fired once. The bullets didn't hit me, and he kept having a hard time trying to load clip after clip only to drop them. I shot him but while the bullets hit they made no effect on him, turning to smoke. I escaped with my friend, him in a gurney, and I stole the keys to a jet. I used the jet's engines to power a spaceship and the police stopped me, but I managed to get my friend off first. The spaceship took off successfully. I used another jet's engines to shoot myself up into the sky and off through the galaxy to catch up with the space ship. ——— I had a vision of a little boy holding a picture of a woman's broken body. He said I am that person in the picture. I am that hurt.