The tower

Date: 5/15/2017

By Kitsune

I dreamt that I was in an area with big hills, together with a little girl that I have never seen before. She said that there was something at the castle that she really wanted, so I decided to help her. We walked towards he castle, but there was a lake with a lot of deer in front of us. Normally I wouldn't be scared of deer but they seemed awfully aggressive for some reason. One charged at us. I picked up the girl and jumped out of the way. I fell down into the water, and told her to run away. Since then I didn't see her again. The other deer also started charging at me. I held on to the ledge but my body felt so sluggish for some reason. They all missed me except for one. It didn't hurt but it scared me. Once I got out I decided to go to the castle. When I got there the castle was gone. There was only a small tower. I entered the tower and stepped on a plate in the center. The floor started moving upwards and I was scared that I would be crushed by the ceiling, but it stopped in time. For some reason I had this idea that if I stayed up there for 6 hours I would get something valuable. When I looked down (through the floor?) I saw a group of bikers waiting for me at the bottom. They definitely wanted the valuable item as well. All of a sudden the plate started moving again. I went through the roof. I jumped off the tower and now the gang followed me. I couldn't shake them off so I went back to the tower and got on the plate again. When I was up I stayed there for a long time. Another short dream I remember. It was the first day at school and PE was our first lesson. I always do everything together with my best friend, and my teacher knows that so he purposely tries to pair us with other people just to annoy us. He did it again and paired me with a girl. You could see that we both didn't want to be paired up but the teacher didn't care. He started to talk about something to get a conversation going but heck no I'm not falling for that. I was really annoyed.