High School, Planets and Hell

Date: 1/31/2017

By fungusfairy

Back at Ryde trying to create a brochure with changing room photographs. Abby Wright was taking the piss and I felt very uncool. Riding a horse wonderfully but was cheated out of everything but Mr Dubbins and my friends. Crying on the field. I was a sunflower, but I was wilting. The other sunflowers were much, much smaller and were playing football. In the cafe we ordered chips but the devil heard and we were ok with it. The waitress was keeping the door to the goya (central inferno) shut for him but when he arrived it was opened. The planets revolving around the sun were the pursuers of hell revolving around the devil. The mystic blue one whose name I forget. The raging red one. The curious and the foolish, and us. All within the goya, swirling in space with loose books and symbols.