A leaky ceiling and creepy old guy.

Date: 3/14/2017

By LuluRichards

I was in a school building with about 12 other people (some were people I really didn't like) and we were sitting on a lunch bench. I stood up and moved around because I felt water on me. Then everyone felt it and the lights went out and I said I bet that section with working lights is going to collapse on us and then it did. Then a boy from my primary school came in and we shook hands, he was much taller. Then another boy from my high school came in and he hugged me then touched my arse and I went ballistic and slapped him. One of the girls there was being bitchy about me overreacting. I looked up and saw another class through the hole in the ceiling. I went home and there was a knock at the door, there was an old guy at the door with a suitcase and whiteboard. He wrote 'To Lulu, From Mum' on the board and started doing a weird dance. I think he was like one of those performers you can send to people's homes (to cheer them up) I could see the people from the classroom before in my backgarden laughing. Then the old man kissed me on the lips and I screamed and ran into the garden crying but the girl from before said I was a drama queen and everyone else rolled their eyes. My mum appeared and apologised.