Pokemon in Real Life

Date: 4/15/2017

By TheBigDee

I've been seeming to have a lot of Pokemon ORAS dreams lately. The dream started when Steven (league champion) came to me, and asked, "do you want to learn how to fly". Obviously, I answered yes. I was seeing in the first perspective, just in case you didn't know. I started having fun flying place to place, and feel the fresh air. Later, I realized that someone was following me. I started flying in an odd direction, but he still chased me. Although he was in a car, the flying speed wasn't that fast. I asked him why he chased me. He told me that he wants the ability to fly too. I could tell that he was a Filipino. Then he told me to speak with his father. I was feeling pretty insecure, so even though I told him I would, I didn't. I headed to the nearest Poke Mart. I didn't buy anything. I saw Steven at the exit, so I was about to say hi. Then the Filipino jumped me. I asked Steven for help, but he simply walked away waving at me. The Filipino was weak enough, because I knocked him out in just one uppercut, and then I punched his head into a wall. And that was it for him. Then I flew into a meadow, I passed all of the Pokemon trainers who would battle me, and as soon as I saw Mewtwo, my dream ended.