Stan and Lucy

Date: 8/20/2017

By xoe

Wake up to a long black ferret in bed with us. Pet it and snuggle. There's another one and another. 3 total ferrets. All black. Where did they come from? And all these kittens. Find Stan staying with us, the ferrets belong to him. I give Gina fixed amount of time to get out. Don't want to be part of Music scene. David Bowie lights up the room. I hold onto him, hugging. My guardian angel. Ridicule red carpet girls for their shallow vapidity. Justin Rissman and woman get out of limo. Dressed like pimps. Like Steven Tyler, Bootsy Collins and Elton John all in one. Taking themselves very seriously. I hiss at Justin "you look ridiculous" His façade crumbled Small lizard ferrets stick on my leg. Band don't know song. Only two of us, so can't fake it.