Bren Wants someone else

Date: 6/12/2019

By taybabyy160

The dream starts with my boyfriend and I going to North Carolina. He told me he was so excited to be taking me. When we get there, there’s this woman who seems to be waiting for us. She runs over to brendon, brendon picks her up and gives her a long passionate kiss. My immediate thought was “what the hell?” So I asked just that. Brendon explained to me that this is his “other” girlfriend and I should be ok with it since he doesn’t see her except 2 times a year. I was not ok with it. We went to her house and they were holding hands, Bren was barely paying any attention to me. When we walked in the house, there was a child about 5 years old. He ran up to brendon and said “daddy” WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL is happening? so I was furious. I called brendon out of the house so we could talk. I explained that I didn’t like this and he said “well you should get used to it.” And walked away. Again, I was crying so hard my boyfriend had to wake me up.