sex with Taylor Lautner 😘🔥😍😛

Date: 2/22/2017

By madnewman13😼

So I don't really know what to call this actually, i was almost half sleeping and half awake when this appeared in my mind. But, here is how it went: So it was just Taylor and I, (and if you don't know who Taylor Lautner is then look him up online he is a super hot actor who plays Jacob in Twilight). But I'm sure most of you know him. Anyways, we were sitting on this couch I think in his house. We were watching TV when he playfully hit me softly and smiled at me. I smiled back, because well, how could you not?! And so, he grabbed my arm suddenly and took me upstairs into his bedroom. Now if you don't like all those details that sex dreams normally have, I recommend you stay out of the boxed area down there ⬇️ But if you do I recommend reading in the boxed area. ( I only did this because some people get grossed out and what not). ====================== Okay. So let's get back to it. So he took me into his bedroom where he gently placed me on his king size bed. He then started sucking at my neck, causing me to moan and groan. He was sure to leave a love bite there. Then, we stripped down to our undergarments where he then took off my bra and started to play with my tits. He fiddled with them for a minute and then began to randomly massage them. Then he sucked them, leaving my nipples wet with his saliva. Next, he slowly slid down my underwear which strangely had Dora on them. I guess he didn't seem to notice, though. As he did that, he fiddled with my clit, and knowingly he pulled off his boxers, revealing his large cock. He spread apart my legs, and let in his dick. And he did it with force. Then he took it out and fucked me then, sticking his middle finger in and then out again multiple times. Finally, he put his dick back in my vaginal passage and put the cum into me. It was the strangest and most interesting feeling I've ever felt in a dream. It actually felt warm! Then he got on top of me, and smiled at me. He leaned in, and started eating out my vagina. He was sticking his tongue in and out,causing me to moan loudly and with pleasure. ====================== Okay so if you did not read the sex stuff, ( which I'm pretty sure you did because most people like all dat detail) basically I had a great time with Taylor and it very much surprised me because I rarely ever have sex dreams. So yeah that's pretty much it. Also tell me if you liked the whole box thing cos I recommend you should use it for rose dreams...😜😉