Caught after getting high

Date: 8/18/2017

By jumbleofemotions

So the other night I did some coke and in my dream I'm in college or school and they bring in sniffer dogs. They go through everyone's locker and smell it on mine so stop me. The policeman takes me aside and talks to me for ages being quite mean and my tutor is like "c'mon, what you doing with K she's done nothing wrong and needs to get back to class". This next bit must be my wild imagination as a I I don't I think this I happens lol. He explains how I'll have to have this huge thing shoved up my vagina at a weird angle, he's trying to scare me. So I'm like "why? why you picking on me? I've never done drugs and done nothing wrong. why you picking on the mentally ill person? cause I'm an easy target?" But he proceeds to take me there. I then use a tactic I learnt from a friend and as they are about to do t I shout "abuse rape" and they have to stop and put their hands up haha. Then I wake up.