😥The Tower😮

Date: 2/23/2017

By I♡Music

I started in a car with these photographers. one driving and one in the front passenger seat. I sat silent in the back seat. Anyway we were driving up this 80 degree angle really thin road like this /. we drove around in a spiral, so high above the clouds. after about an hour we finally got to the top of a really thin tall tower. I laid on my stomach. I looked up and realised that the car disappeared, everything Dissappeared. I looked down and all i saw was a 20 mile deep ocean that spread as far as I could see. 15 minutes of laying there passed and 10 other turists came up out of nowhere. they set me up with a challenge, to run down the towers, tiny, thin road i surprisingly got down in 5 seconds!? I looked up at the tower, and It was only as tall as a building!? i looked around and saw a fakish kind of beach with youtubers as kids around it! behind me a wave of sand crashed on me and the youtubers i got my head stuck betheath the sand and could hardly breath. I pulled my head out quickly and survived, so did the youtubers. I realised the crashed sand wave was in the shape of the snapchat logo!? THE END