He was totally over me

Date: 7/5/2019

By undercoveroverlover

Last night on the fourth, I had another dream about my ex. I️t was so random and actually quite disappointing. In this dream, I think my family and I had taken some sort of road trip. We were I this town that I seem to dream of a lot and at a gas station stopping to get snacks. While in the gas station, I was getting an obscene amount of flaming hot Cheetos of allll different types. The big puffy hot ones, the small crunchy ones, the hot fries. My family looked a little irritated because I was literally getting like two bags of each type and taking a long time to get to the register. When I finally did get up there, ,y older sisters step dad ended up paying for the first half of my snacks and then I remembered that I wanted another bag of puffy hot Cheetos so I ran back to the shelves and picked some up. My mom paid for the other half of my snacks. Fast forward (because I don’t really remember what happened in between) and me and my sister re sitting in a lodge type room with a big fire place and big floor to ceiling windows in the background. I️t was snowing. She has her phone and is showing me snapchats of my ex and what he has been doing. Or maybe I told her phone and was looking for myself without her knowing because I no longer had my ex on my own Snapchat. I think that’s more accurate because I remember trying to hide the phone so no one would she me checking up on him. So when I’m looking through his snaps it’s awful. He was making snaps of him smoking weed, which he used to HATE when I did I️t . Like absolutely hated, detested I️t . He was making out with girl after girl after girl, grabbing their asses and smiling in the camera. They were alll white girls too which he always told me he wasn’t attracted to (he’s straight up from Africa, Nigerian) all his snaps were of him at parties drinking and kissing different girls alll the while smiling in the camera. I️t was like he broke up with me and became alll the things he used to hate about me because I was a big partier when we were together. Seeing I️t really really hurt my feelings and as I was watching, I guess my face showed how upset i was because my family kept coming around asking me if I was ok. I was so upset and hurt but the thing is, I haven’t talked to him in so long and I’d like to say I’m over him but I have been thinking about him a lot recently. His birthday is coming up soon so maybe that’s why but I hope these dreams about him stop because they are very sad and make me feel icky.