Spy Date and other Snippets

Date: 5/30/2017

By Fitful

I was supposed to be doing therapy for my legs and lower half which was stiff and barely moved like I'd been paralyzed. I was willing until I saw the water tank. It was just a small indent in the floor, kinda spa like, where only a single person could fit and tread water. It wasn't deep but deep enough to kick. I immediately backed away, certain it was going to be painful. I recalled the last time they made me do this one, it hurt so bad. I refused on those grounds to the physical therapists, though they tried to persuade me otherwise. ~ A little boy, my brother I'm nearly sure, lived a good happy life here, but in another reality they were at war. He was sickly there, thinner and smaller. Something happened to make his mother want to go to the other realiry, or it was request she go. ~ I had been outside or at a party when it began to rain. It even rained indoors, except in this one room which collected the water in a force field along the ceiling and the walls, leaving a large square of empty room dry. I tried to protect my tablet and ran in the house, then tried to protect my computer. I really didn't want anything to get wet and destroyed. ~ I had a date with a girl and went to this government huge place. There was a theatre with a movie playing which I watched by myself. I had to leave before it ended and I stood in the ilse for a minute when I saw my favorite scene, it was so good. I moved down the isle still watching it, but the change in where I stood lead to a change in perspective of the movie. Suddenly it was duller, not as wonderful, something off about the scene, actors, sound. I moved back to where either had been standing and it was back to perfect nostalgic pleasure. I moved a second back to testing but the change was the same, only in a certain spot was it the perfect perspective for me. ~ The government building also had offices. I took myself to some lower offices and got really lost to where I was going, I forgot what room it was, but someone helped me and I went to her office instead. She asked me why I was here, and I told her I had been told to come and bring some paperwork. She looked it up, via my name which I spelled for her, but said had everything taken care of. No paperwork needed. She then, after looking at me, decided she was going to get me more food. She said I looked like I didn't eat well. She served me some cabbage which was boiled and shredded with shredded chicken in it. She said it was a vegetarian dish, even tho I had said I was vegan. But I turned it down, talking about being vegan. I ended up having to justify my last few years of eating habits, which werent very good either due to where I had been and the food that had been available. It had been very horrid food even if I hadn't been vegan, it would have made me sick. It did a lot of people. I think she thought I was picky because I was vegan. A man came in, a black man who worked there too, and they both began trying to understand my views on food. I ended up preaching about sugar, the benefits of raw unprocessed sugar vs processed sugar and how it's in everything, like the bottle of ketchup on the table. They nodded like they didn't care about veganism, but wanted me to eat better. But afterwords the man did direct me out of the building up to the ground floor and gave me a black plastic cup with a straw built in for water, but he said I'd have to go across the law, about a 15minute walk away to fill it at a fountain. We were in a kitchen but I don't question why he didn't just fill it here. ~ I got in the elevator, instead of going to get water, and met an old classmate from high school. She cracked a joke and I joked back, doing a jig. She looked a me askance and sidled away. Sighing I stopped and despaired of her being worth my humor, but when we got to the lower floor she asked me if I was ready for my date. It seems she was my date for the evening. On the way there, she escorted me my hand on her crooked elbow, she saw my ex Laura and asked me if I wanted to cancel my date and go see her. I said no, even tho I realized my ex was my real date for the evening, but I'll didn't want to tell her that. We went off and it quickly became clear, our date wasn't romantic. We were robbing the place. We got to some really lower levels of the government building, really lower ones, where it had walls and doors like on a submarine and a railroad beneath it like the subway. We found a car filled with gold coins, and she found something she didn't show me. This video on her phone over and over again, of her son in another reality. Or perhaps I watched it. He was evil in the other reality, sadistic even at 7 years old and had the intelligence of and adult. She felt so betrayed, thinking it was her son in this reality pretending to be sweet, she didn't understand she had a tape of another reality in her hand. We almost got caught by government officials, when we stopped at a train stop, but a quick slamming of large sliding doors hid us, the railway could be cut off from view by these doors, the entire platform vanishing. Officials, liking like military or even presidential people passed right by us. I did wonder how they married the actors who played them do such a good job being stiff military people, when they were just actors. She left quickly after them, to secure us a route back. I found myself looking at all the gold coins, wondering what they were for. We weren't here to rob the place of money, it was more a spy mission, so I didn't feel greedy or anything. But I saw these little gold pendants in the gold coins, I picked up one and wondered if it was important. I dropped it in my bag, deciding to keep it, but it fell out. I picked it up again and put it in there, it fell out again. That is when I realized it was half in this reality half in another. Only the gold stopped it from slipping out of this reality, although I could hold it. If I took my attention away it also slipped through my hand to the pile of gold. I then nocied there were more, all layjg on and entire car full of gold coins. I reasoned they were important and I grabbed gold coins and layered my bag with them, adding the pendants. Each was slightly different, although one did look like thor's hammer a bit. I had to add more gold to the bag, to the sides and on top to keep them from sliding out, but I then zipped up my bag and ran. The entire time I was doing that, reporters were hidden recording me, thinking I was a petty thief. On the way up I relized the girl I was with had been caught. She was chained up by the wrists to a pipe opposite the elevator and now had a brown ponytail instead of the blonde choppy hair she'd just had, or the red hair she had when I met her. I was being chased so I let my little brother unlock her while I tried for the elevator. Somehow he had shown up, he looked a bit like her son, but he wasn't the evil one. I pushed a button, there were a lot of buttons tiny square ones in random places round the elevator, and it slammed a door down the hall down on my persuers, but you had to hold it. I managed to call the elevator and a get them both inside before the government people got out it, but the elevator went down instead of up, changing my mind I pushed floor 19 as someone had told me that was the ground floor, and we shot up to it, then up farther and out, like in Willy Wonka. We flew off but I was afraid they'd be able to control the elevator so we ditched it quickly, coming down in a dog park. We had a man with us suddenly, he was on the job too, working with us so it wasn't a problem. But the dog we landed beside, was secretly a wolf even thogh it looked like a regular dog, and decided we were prey. The man said dog shit can cover our scent so he can't smell us, and just then the dog took a shit. We ran and the dog didn't chase us, it was too busy, but other dogs did. I scooped up the little boy and we ran a lot. ~ There was an advert for a new Star Trek series on HBO, about the original man who wanted to go into space and designed the enterprise and federation. It looked like a comedy, the man looked funny and was sleeping in a child's room with stars on the ceiling and star trek pajamas. I decided I wanted to watch it, even if it was a comedy.