Wagging Class and Huge Storm

Date: 10/2/2016

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Last night I had a dream where I got to school about an hour late and since the first class of the day was nearly over, I couldn't be bothered going to it. So instead I wagged class for the first time and ended up being caught by a teacher. But somehow I ended up fooling her and saying that I had only just got to school and was walking to class. Luckily, by the time that teacher let me go, it was time for the next class so the first teacher never found out about how late I was. After that, we were in English and suddenly we could see out the window that there was a huge storm starting. Like a full-on cyclone. The teacher yelled at us to stay still and stop panicking but everyone went outside to check it out anyway. Weirdly, there was no damage being done to any buildings or trees even though the winds, rain and hail were super strong. We then had to stay in that class room for another hour or two until the storm was over. When we went outside when it was over, it was sunny and there was no damage whatsoever which was weird.