Fire works and confetti

Date: 3/25/2017

By Paris1107

I am at what looks like a school cafeteria but I am picking up pizza for CTOP. They give me two pizzas and I think there's no way this is enough food for all of them but then I realize that the pizzas are huge. I'm so hungry I go to sit down to eat and remind myself that CTOP is probably waiting on me and I should just get in the car and eat mine on the way back. I get in the car and start driving back. On the way I notice people pulled over and see a big group of people gathering for a show. I walk over to the fence. Welded tube not bob wire. I walk along the fence and as I do little fire work erupted at my passing by. Apparently triggered by motion sensor. I think that is cool and continue on. Confetti falls on me from a tree above. It makes me smile and it feels hyper real. I say that because the sensation is so amazing. I fell each piece hit me. Then I come to a concession stand. 6' wide not very deep. I see many of my favorite snacks and some that are not any my favorite any more but are meaningful to me from childhood. I want the peanut M&M's and a bag of guacamole tortilla chips (from Guatemala). Everything only comes in family size or equally as large of portions. The only odd thing I notice is the guacamole chips come in a huge bag with very little inside and they also come in a smaller bag that is totally full. I tell the young man what I want and ask how much it will be and he replies that everything is free. That the owner just wants to do something nice for everyone. I say thanks and that I still want to pay because it is such a nice thing and I want to see it again. I don't want to take advantage of a good thing. He insisted and I finally just said forget it I'm not interested. So I stand back now not feeling as high and elated as I had been. I take in the view as the sun sets for the fireworks display. Now an old man approaches me and we talk about everything happening. I find out that he is the owner of the land and the one putting the show on. I tell him thank you and let him know that I think it's a good idea and that the land is gorgeous. He agrees but says the land is not at it's best because the river is not flowing as it should. I point out that it does indeed flow and get him to look. He then points out that the water should be coming from the rocks above the river to form the natural cascade into the river. I see that the river runs only because of over flow from drainage ditches and this is what concerns the old man. He then wraps his arms around me in a loving embrace and it's ok. I feel like this man is something in my life like a father or grandfather. I feel like there is meaning in all of this. At some point during this someone casually gave me a bag of peanut M&M's and now I see Chris and Sheryl walking over to me with a bag of Runts. I am starting to feel much better now. Chris is so happy and Sheryl talks me up a bit and the dream just ends.