Catty Bear (Neutral)

Date: 7/25/2017

By HikariSweets

I dreamt that I washed 3 teddy bears. But when I showed them to my dad and my godfather and probably some other dude. I noticed they had mud on them. I was scolded by dad and ran away into the back yard. There was a cat there, I tried to kill it for some reason, I tired to blow fire on it through my mouth but couldn't. It wasn't working. I picked it up loving how cute it was and carried it home. 3 dog inside were barking and dad went into the room, not sure about the kitten being here with these dogs. I put kitty in the trash to protect him, while the dogs bark at some random big yellow pitbullish looking dog. I wanted to protect this kitten, and the dogs so I yell "GET OUT, GET OUT OF HERE, GO!!" bravely while secretly hoping my dad would come help me. I grab kitty- The dream ends