My brother that was never born

Date: 8/24/2017

By AliceBetrayal

I was a child playing with my brother in our backyard when he disappeared. My grandmother and I searched high and low for him all over the house and neighbor hood but eventually we had to call the police. We waited by the phone waiting for good news for hours and hours until the hours turned into days then to weeks but nothing. We finally lost all hope and abandoned the house I spent my childhood in and went far away. As an adult I decided I wanted to raise my children in the house I was raised in so I moved back and the house was trashed from people breaking in etc. I would go there daily and fixed it up and start to clean it out. I felt warm and inviting I felt at home even though I notice things weren't normal. My family wanted nothing to do with the house as it made them uncomfortable and frightening. As I started the renovation I came across the skeleton of a young child in a wall and I turned out to be my brother. After the dream I told my mum about it and found that she'd actually had lost a pregnancy and the house got demolished years ago