Me & The Walking Dead Crew vs Godzilla

Date: 8/5/2017

By fluffytree

I'm in a city that's being ravaged by an angry Godzilla. Buildings are being destroyed along with people and islands. It seems to be targeting me wherever I go. I try running and hiding amongst the rubble from the collapsed buildings but it always finds me. When it does I hear the classic Godzilla roar along with bright light and searing heat before I know I have to hurry and move before I'm blasted by his energy blasts. Before long I end up joining with a few members of the Walking Dead TV show. Rick is there along with Carl and Angela as they try to fight him. All they have is shotguns and very powerful ones at that, but of course they have little effect on the giant reptile. I remember seeing Carl jump out of his hiding spot as he pointed his gun at it and shot what looked like a bullet made of powerful energy. Time goes in slow motion as he says "Eat this." It's super cliché but badass nonetheless, especially now that he has the whole eye patch thing going on too. The shot hits the beast hard and hard enough to stagger him. I have to wonder if these energy bullets might be enough to kill it if enough were to pierce its thick scaly hide. We take this opportunity to quickly move from our current position to another before I wake up.