Aliens Are Coming

Date: 8/7/2017

By aidens

Earth is informed of alien life sending an sos signal looking for a habitable planet. They promise peace and coexistence. The earth is run by a mix of royalty and government, and those higher up decide they will offer earth as a suitable home to share. Scientist scramble in communication to figure out a perfect environment for them to land, hoping to learn from the newcomers. Military students are invited with royal children to greet and live with the aliens to teach them the ways of humanity. Power struggles btwn left and right cause the FBI to kill several agents associated with the land. Tensions are high as fancy welcomes are arranged by royals while the scientists would rather have a clean and calm welcome. A fluke occurs however, when a bottle of detergent is dropped into the area planned for the land. When the aliens arrive they meet with humans, but then quickly run from the planet after the water hurts them. Scientists despair as the newcomers leave.