aliens, rappers, and potluck food

Date: 5/29/2017

By amodus

late into the dream is all I remember, I was outside and saw a UFO. apparently I had seen one before and was trying to prove it. I point at it and show my neighbors hoping that it spots us. it does. It's really far away and really big. It disappears into the sky monetarily and reappears above us. it drops two white sentinel walkers to observe the area. I'm not scared, but I do feel the need to evade them. I have seen them before. they are scanning the terrain for some kind of map. I remember jumping superhumanly high off of a small hill while evading them. The walkers are white and have two pronged scanning claws. I can't recall any other details accurately. later in the dream I'm telling my family about it. My mom also has a bunch of fresh marijuana leaves under the coffee table with a sign that says "take some :)". for some reason they are not dry, but almost as if they were freshly picked. It more closely resembles catnip now that I think about it. I take one when nobody is around because I am embarrassed about it. it take a long time to chew and doesn't do anything. I am chewing on this leaf for most of the dream now. a famous rapper comes by in his car (drove through the lobby, mind you) and takes me to an abandoned house that was supposedly raided by aliens. later the rapper turns into post Malone. after some time we start trying to use towels as parachutes to try to replicate how I jumped so high off that hill I mentioned earlier without injury. later I am at a family potluck in a trailer park. The food is delicious. I remember a dish with an actual blue raspberry, and a delicious chocolaty dish. My aunt Sandra was there. before the dream was over I was looking at a top down view of the area and looking at nearby towns. there was a mob heading in from the north and I went to the town at the north. I don't remember anything else.