Vampires and werewolves

Date: 6/3/2017

By cleerev

So last night, I had a weird dream that was kind of like twilight but not really? (Ew I know). But anyway, I was with my crush (who in this dream eventually became my boyfriend) was a vampire. With the vampires, whatever they touched or was attached to them would regenerate if lost or injured. Basically healing powers as well. So all was fine and dandy until this group of werewolves came wanting to hurt me. The wolves and vampires went to fight while the crush and others were touching me somehow. Everything turned for the worse and the werewolves began to close in on me. I was begging my crush to kill me, that I didn't want to die by their hands. Suddenly, I felt a bit of pain and both my wrists were slit. Instantly I became one of them. (This dream made no frickin sense). Before all this happened, I was with my three cousins, who were also vampires. They were helping me get ready for this formal dance or something. Fast forward a bit and the only thing I remember from this part was the crushes arm thrown over my shoulder as we leave.