Date: 1/21/2017

By mywonderfulplanet

start of the dream: I found half an episode or trailer of a new series online and I got intrigued. A guy lost his wife as someone turned her in to a vampire and she disappeared. I got very intrigued so I started watching the series from that episode. the guy then had to solve puzzles all tied to memories to his wife to try to find her. This quest was operated by a mean character behind the scenes. at the beginning the guy was struggling to solve the puzzles but then he dedicated every day to solve them. he ate well and exercised just to keep his mind clear and switched on. the dedication started to pay off and he made more and more connexions. I think he found the mean character and killed him with a friend. not sure if this was a different dream or the same. I even know which actress was the wife I just don't know her name.