Date: 6/9/2019

By Pandon05

I was staying in seanns house when I had too much to carry and decided I was gonna stay there with my mom for a few days. We leave and come back a day later and after a while I realize that there’s a second dog and I realize there home now or will be soon so I panic and run and tel me mom we need to leave NOW so we start panicking cleaning everything up when Seann calls me and asks why I’m at his house, apparently he used snapchat maps to find me, his grand am and mom and dad and 4 sisters walk in, then as we explain it to the mom the mom and grandma both understand and my mom ends up bonding over it, mean while seann is on his way with his friends who are being toxic, there’s some extremely dangerous pets almost killed me, in the end me and seann meet and I ended up falling in love with him again even tho he looked like he did when he was 10 years old, next they are using hologram rolling top of the line tech and making fun of me for not having it, then when I finally leave we go to this place across from there house, it has like 500 guards that will shoot to kill with these future cannons, we go inside I use my hologram iPad thing to get dressed as a pirate along with my mom