Bundle of Dreams

Date: 8/22/2017

By j_vizzo

The first Dream i remember had to do with an old co-worker who came back and was no longer going to be lead cso. the key to this one was that i was aware that he knew it was a boss talk from me to him to ensure there want going to be a problem because he used to be lead and now his former subordinate is the lead. and in the dream they used to have some relationship too. so i was concerned internally that he was like "fuck this douchebag" type of mindset. then, the next dream was about me and Mr. F kickin it somewhere and he was significantly taller. he had some new handheld lawnmower and began cutting some of his grass. then he had his cell phone camera and zoomed in to show me this robot that Elon Musk was trying to configure and teach our whatever about hip hop type shit, but he was too out of touch to teach him right. so Mr. F was explaining this to me and we were both of the mindset like "yeah he's a dumbshit, you gotta teach the robot this way" or whatever. i think this had something to do with me watching good will hunting last night and there's that one professor who can't understand Will so Robin Williams (RIP) had to figure him out (so Elon Musk would be like the professor and Mr. F was like Robin Williams) i can probably remember a lot more too but this is good for today's journal.