Boat trip

Date: 4/26/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am going on vacation on a huge cruise ship. I give the lady my ticket and enter the ship. The inside of the ship looks like a plane. There are plane seats lined up on the deck of the ship. People are sitting in them. I can hear the waves crashing against the boat as the "pilot" starts the engine. I sit in my seat and look to my left. I can see over the side of the boat and can even smell the salt water. Im freaking out a little bit. I have an odd feeling that im in the wrong place. The ship makes a stop moments later and people start getting off. I assume we are stopping to site see and then we are heading off again later. I get off the boat. I am now in a two story house. It looks more like a college dorm, really small and narrow. I realize that i need to get back to the boat. There is a girl in the upstairs room. I ask her how to get out of here. She says nothing. Im freaking out now. I am going to miss the boat and be stranded. I am on the second floor but there is no way to get down. I walk around trying to find a door or stairs, anything to get to the bottom. There is nothing just walls. I get a call on my phone and a man on the other side tells me that my time is up, the ship has left. I am mad. Why isn't this girl helping me get out? I keep walking in circles to try to find a way out. I round the corner one more time and there is now a set of stairs leading out of the house. I am mad that the stairs have just appeared. I leave the house.