Date: 4/12/2019

By shelby406

I can read text in my dreams, I know people say you can’t but I distinctly remember the word “Lauren” on a plastic piece of paper. I was with Maddi but she was sitting with other people the whole time so I was kinda just sitting by myself then so were these two boys and one was kinda cute. He asked me if I’d date him and I thought it was a joke then later I was talking to him again and his braces were covering half his face. Then I sat kind of across from him and another table wondering if I should give him my number. Then me and Kylie were playing these mini games. I’m pretty sure that has something to do with the new Snapchat mini games. Then I saw Lauren and the other guys name and I don’t remember it but i was guessing the guy with the braces was lauren. Then I said if I date Lauren then people will think I’m a lesbian. Also the Lauren’s actually Reece. Then we were in school but I was with Adella and she was being really nice to me.