Nightmare or whacked dream

Date: 1/27/2017

By Laysundra

The dream took place in second life (virtual grid game) at first where someone is showing me around their sim while a dead horse auction is going on. I mean the auction had no one in it buying horses while the horse commentor went off like there was an active auction.. then it jumped to a scene where there is a quiz so I write down the answer 2 for the answer to the question at a party. Before all of this I was in a store trying to be trained while Kyra my manager was flirting around ( she was my manager when I worked with her at a company together). In the end there was another question but then people were talking about monsters and I'm trying to put a different cd into the pc but I didn't even get it while these blue monsters came and attacked yet somehow a lady is in a tub being defended by this guy but then I end up being in the tub watching the monsters now white dunk him in the tub I'm in trying to change him he said that he is cured but then he throws up. One monster person says needle and so the one dunking him raises him up puts him on this long needle with a red tube and starts pumping him with something while the face on the guy is like a numb cry of a face then I wake up.. oh and the monsters faces look like they have lego masks for mouths that were white while the blue ones all looked the same huge and deadly with a club in hand with a patch of black hair on top. Strange no? Haha