Tardiness in School

Date: 3/11/2017

By beanofthejill

I would say this is quite a long dream. I'd love some other thoughts on it. :) I had a dream about school. It's mixes a little with one I've had before. I was leaving Mr. Mullians class and it I was taking forever to pack up my stuff because I had too many binders and they wouldn't fit into my bag. The next class is now entering and there is a guy sitting in my seat and my ex, Alex, who is sitting in the seat next to him (my binders are on top of the desk at my seat). There is some small talk going on between the two of them, and I made some comments here and there. I eventually started to leave carrying a bunch. As I was exiting the doorway, I ran into my friend Rebecca and the binders fell. I picked them up, and she also helped. I asked her if she could help carry some for me, because it was hard to carry them all. She did. Someone bumped into my backpack *it was by a locker* and Rebecca said they stole something. I didn't think they did, so I ignored the guy. Then, someone in Mr. Mullians next class warned me that I left a binder, so I went back to grab it. Again it took me a bit trying to balance them all. Rebecca helped me and I finally left the classroom. Now we are about to be late, so we are rushing to our classes. Rebecca had to go the opposite way, so she went down a ramp that turned you around *Its sends you the opposite direction, but it's the same hallway* and I went down the ramp that lead me straight. We passed each other and smiled, while she handed me my stuff (however, at this point, she looked like my friend Fonda). So I continued to head to my class. I passed my friend Luke in a hallway, but didn't say anything because I didn't want to be late. I entered the libaray, which had these enormous stairs in the middle of it (it had like Red carpet flowing down it, like it would in fancy houses. This libaray has been in another dream of mine before). So, I head up the stairs while passing someone who seemed to think you couldn't get upstairs from the library and another person (Liz) who followed me up, because she saw where I was went (I am not clear to whether they were the same person anymore). Upon reaching the second floor, I reached the door to my German class. I saw a view of the German class inside and Frau Stein hearing a knock on the door. She opens it and I see me with lots of binders in my hand. I tell her something like "Don't mark me tardy" or "I'm sorry I was late, it took me forever because of these binders. My backpack is not big enough so I had to carry a lot of them". I woke up around there.