Lucid Monks and Vivid Super Powers

Date: 5/25/2017

By LionFoot65

I try increase my awareness and meditate for 30 minutes two hours before I go to sleep. I also drink chamomile tea with milk before I go to sleep. I honestly think the milk helped because I do remember so much. I'm at the outside of my school at night and I'm listening to this Podcast of people talking about the most common ways people start lucid dreaming from inside the dream (and I never become lucid in any dreams😭). Next Scene: I'm looking at the 🌏 on a computer or something and I'm able to zoom in so that I can see the history of it of certain places and I notice that one of them is called Ariya and I see that there's a lot of zombie people in that valley and I'm somehow able to send warriors with blue spears and swords to clear out the zombie people. I'm also able to send these other masked warrior with bright red coming out of the top of their masks like mohawk and I realize that I can also power them up. Next Scene: I have a false awakening but instead of going through my daily routine (since I don't have one), my parents and my brother stay home even though it's Thursday and so I wake up with my arm hurting at 12pm! and eat three bites off the side of a frozen cinnamon waffle which tastes really good but isn't cold at all which I disregard. After that I go outside and I see this small brown termite beetle thing with its wings sticking out like a ladybug 🐞 sometimes does in vivid detail. After that my parents call me to help them clean up this dead grass that was displaced because of the rain with a hose to push it toward the fence. While I use the hose, I notice that that the water is very colorful and I assume that the light is making it seem that way. Next Scene: I'm at my grandmas house and I hear these voices talking about chess, lucid dreaming and meditation and how there's different levels like something, then master, Grandmaster, and I think they talked about the level above that which is like Great Grandmaster maybe. After that I realize that these cartoon red robed monks are the ones talking about it on the "tv" or something and I see that there is beginner red robed monk. They start talking about what to train him first with and decided that two of them should beat the hell out of him and I see the beginner get scared and start running away while the other two are smiling and laughing while they chase him. I also hear my dad laughing at it. I wake up IRL at 4am and meditate for 15 min... I'm with my parents and we go to this Mexican families house for a quinceñera and I look in the one of the rooms of the house near the entrance and I see that it's very aesthetic with beautiful posters and a quartz crystal suspended on an iron ring thing which is on one on one of the shelves that seems really meaningful to the person who it belongs to. I then go outside and this kid starts playing tag with me on the playground and we start chasing each other until it gets really foggy and I'm not able to see anything. Next Scene: I'm suddenly with my older cousin and he starts showing me the mysterious bionicle toys that he's built in his life which are in these fish tanks for some reason. He also tells me that he goes on secret missions sometimes and he starts telling me this sad story about how he had to kill one of his best friends one time since he betrayed him and suddenly I watching the story he's telling me from a third person perspective. Ervey, my older cousin, is on his mission to figure out who stole the important things he needed and he discovers that his friend which is just a human head with psychic purple swirling eyes betrayed so goes to his ship and kills everyone on it until he finally reaches the purple swirling eyes head and scares him before he kills him. Next Scene: I'm trying out the avatars of different super heroes in this virtual reality game and one of them is called Black Widow but instead of the regular one marvel, my dream Black Widow has an eyepatch, black and white hair and large hand device things that are used for climbing and beating the shit out of people with it's large sharp nails. We're in this war fighting dark evil soldiers or something and I also see people trying to get down from this one building but it's a thirty foot drop so they use short ladders to get down enough to jump off. After that I see this blonde girl with hexagon marks on her skin of different sizes laying down sleeping start moaning about how she and her friends are gonna be ambushed in a trap since she is dreaming. Next Scene: After that my dream mind gets some inspiration from the video game 🎮 Infamous Second Son so when I get smoke powers somehow I'm able to make a lot of my enemies cough by throwing a smoke bomb at them but then more of them come in and start shooting a lot of grappling hooks at the walls in order to trap me with the strings and I realize that I'm face. To face with one of the most menacing concrete wizard but I escape by absorbing his concrete power and start subduing my enemies by encasing them in concrete. Next Scene: There's this waiting line for something and this person gets really really angry that he has to wait so he leaves. There's also this other guy with a Sherlock hat, a backpack and a cool mustache who is flipping a coin in funny/weird/sophisticated way (I guess for reality checking) and looking all cool by seemingly meditating there. There's also these other guys sitting at this table and they're looking at him and one of them with big dumb crazy eyes says "That guy must be the most patient man in the world! It's so badass that he just meditates there."