The Bridge

Date: 1/1/2018

By iamnotmhz

Short one but I’m in the passenger seat of a car and my brother is driving. It feels like I’ve got shades on or something partially covering my face that is obstructing my view (which is probably again due to me sleeping with covers over my face). It’s definitely nighttime so I don’t know why I have this on. We’re driving over the bridge that connects Delilah Rd to Rt 30 into Pleasantville when he starts talking to me. I’m trying frantically to uncover my face but struggling. Finally either internally or maybe even my brother suggested “You know you’re dreaming right?” So I stop struggling and start to calmly attempt to uncover my face again but at this point I’m so freaked out I wake up. Thought I was going to be fully lucid this time 😕