Lana Del Rey Music Video Shoot and Concert

Date: 5/19/2017

By jevan

Me, Rihanna, and my friends were in helicopters following and filming this vintage 60's spaceship for Lana Del Rey's video. The skies were cloudless and light blue. The spaceship was light grey and angular, it kind of looked like origami. We were also filming from below in the desert. We had finished the shoot and were driving back through the city which was by a beach, it was kindof like San Francisco. Anyway we were listening to Lana in the car and a flock of white doves were following us and singing along and it was beautiful haha. We got back to the city and Lana was performing in the middle of the street. For some reason I was gurning and off my face holding onto a railing right by her and everyone around me and across the street were laughing at me. My friends joined me and the crowd was a bit more full and I managed to get the whole crowd to sway with their arms on eachothers shoulders in time with her song 'Love'. I was so pleased with myself haha