Date: 3/19/2017

By Aleks

Not entirely sure,but I think it started with a me and a group of my mates going on a hike,we went through the city to some kind of abandoned airstrip with some building around,which struck a weird resemblance to the compound of my former church and the abandoned airstrip in gta San Andreas which CJ would later buy.:We decided to make camp in a crashed airplane right up the runway.We did so and slept off. Shurikens and throwing knives can be seeing being sharpened by what looked like the 2012tmnt foot soldiers,who were preparing an assault against me and my team.They were led by what looked like a combination of Han and the Shredder from the same series,who was,the whole time,standing at the edge of a cliff and pointing at my teams campsite. A shuruken was thrown over the crashed plane were we camped and we all heard it and woke up.We noticed the Ninja charging towards us and without any hesitation we started running and that's when I noticed my team had been transformed into the TMMT with April and I became Cassy Jones.We were quickly surrounded but managed the fight our way through them using our cool ninja weapons and vigilante tech.We reached a dead end behind a building and we new it was only a matter of time before they would find us and capture us.We decided our Ninja weapons were ineffective so we brought out guns from our packs and I decided to take the guns and limited ammo and lead the Ninja away.I ran from behind the building,shouting and shooting as many Ninja as I could.I kept running and gunning until I reached our campsite and took cover because I had to reload.The Ninja were still throwing their knives and shurukens but I was convinced I was safe behind the plane.I really don't know why it took me this long to reload.Their leader came forward and gave some kind of domination speech,I couldn't be bothered with what he was saying.I finished reloading and did the exact same thing back to the building where my team was,whom which apparently don't know how to escape.As soon as I got there I ran out of ammo achieving no progress.We panicked as their leader walked towards us and suddenly he started looking like a a Man in our church,Mr Aremu.Ive never really been scared of this man in anyway.He started talking and soon his mission was clear.He wanted to own the the abandoned airstrip by buying it and killing the owners,which apparently was us.Then one of teammates who had changed back to his/her human form told him that he had no reason to kill us,at least not until he failed to buy the property which,we would cause.And that he can buy the property through some kind of property agent who's office was just across the hall.Suddenly the back of the building changed to an office hallway with a door at the end.Their leader just grunted and said 'ok I'll buy the property'.Then I,who had apparently changed from Cassy Jones to my human self,pulled some papers out of my jacket and flawed it the Their Leader's face,saying 'Not if I have anything to do about it.As we raced down the hallway to the office door,his Shredders outfit changed to a suit and tie and so did my hikers outfit.We both entered the office together and presented our cases to my the Agent who was apparently my dad. My team watched the office door in anticipation waiting for me return.I came out running to the with papers in my hand yelling 'We did it!..we got the property' my team and I celebrated with jumping and singing. End.