Catching Yuck and Getting Ready to Perform

Date: 4/19/2017

By Cj

As I was lying in bed with Jan, I started talking to her in my halr-sleep (which did not happen in waking life). I asked her half in my dream half in bed if she had any clothes that came from "shifty sources" that may br thr cause for her sicknes. She said she had a few things made by witches, but she didn't want to give up her robe. My team was playing a new game in an auditorium-like venue downtown. Getting fruits out of the back of jor's car trunk and seeing mexican and african stores on walk on sidewalk to downtown. TJ and others on sand beside lighthouse at 30ft.deepth and freaking oit a little having to use bathroom to poop, going downstairs to TJ's basement and seeing C dressed in full gear outside through the window. Went into the storage room to look like that's what I was there for, and seeing Jan's mice cage. Supposef thay they were contributing to her struggle.