got attacked by a polar bear

Date: 9/22/2019

By astralArbitrary

i was at school in the dream and i walked out a door and out there was the arctic, like a dimensional portal. i had a blanket with me so i wasn’t too cold. i walked along for a while until i came across a structure of snow that seemed to be a sort of camp for hikers or whatever. it had walls that formed around a central hallway dividing up into a few rooms, though there was no ceiling. i went into one of the rooms on the right and went behind a couch (made out of snow) and then there was a little polar bear in the room and i knew that for some reason. then there was another guy in the room trying to scare it off and i was scared out of my mind. i got up and started yelling at it to scare it away but it lunged or something and scratched my leg, then bit down on it. it hurt like a fucking bitch and i screamed. i started hitting it to make it let go and the guy dragged it off and then it left. it really hurt but i wasn’t bleeding much. then the guy says to focus on something else besides the pain and this is where i wake up. can’t i have a nice dream for once