Train explosion

Date: 2/23/2019

By tomdaviddd

Driving in a city. It’s cold , snow has been falling , not heavy but neither light . Snow is well worn by city life but still present to make an impact . Super speed train arrives from Russia. The train is long , aluminium silver and red in colour ( like the east Anglian trains that go from London to Norwich) . I’m in the car , we drive past the train and over the tracks into the streets past the station. we are half way down the streets. Front half of train explodes , flames can be seen from the street level and over the rooftops. Car drives back round to see what happened. Front half of train in charred , most passengers disembarked before the explosion. Around 15 people killed at front of train . Emergency services already there and cleaning up bodies which are charred and dismembered. Car drives past on the left side of the train with full view of the wreckage. Car turns left down a road and fades.