Android demon nightmare.

Date: 6/6/2017

By brynnlove

My family was finding a new place to live so we tried out some apartments. We love bed in a small two bedroom one who or the rest was in storage. We had a living room in the center and beds on the outside skirts . We keep all our clothes in small suit cases. The house came with a doll ninja thing that the previous resident had left. It was kind of aggressive at first but it started to be nicer. It looked like the " I feel Fantastic video on YouTube". The doll slowly became more aggressive so I decided to rip it up and throw it in the river. While I was walking down the riverside it was all nasty covered in slime and and snails that were all stuck together. They were so fat they looked like mushrooms. I scattered the body of the robot. But as I was walking back towards some of the parts I noticed they were being priced back together. So booked it back to the room and immediately called das. He came back to help me back everything up. It was a struggle to get everything in the suitcases and eventually the girls came home to help. I remember feeling very panicked. Dad went out for a while to get things. But then it panned over and it was no longer my dad but some tattooed man. He was dangling off the side of the building being balanced by the lion thing from where the wild things are. The guy ended up falling to his death while his wife watched. I don't know what happened to the rest of the family. But this apartment complex was weird already. With a tree house cage thing for children. There was a cute boy who lived next door though.