Half Death of my Grandfather

Date: 8/13/2017

By ace200

I moved into a very cool apartment, it was all made of brown wood, and I discovered it has secret passages. I invited my friends Caitlyn and Maddy over to use them, and then we went down the new street on these scooters you sit on and got a lot of looks for being "childish." Then, I was at this place. It was a white room filled with all different colored ponies, but they were super fluffy, like stuff animals. Each one had a different personality, and you were supposed to pick the one meant for you to have, but a lot of them were snooty or already taken by another girl hugging him. Then, everyone at school had come for my Grandfather's "half funeral" because he was turning one hundred. Apparently in the dream world, when you turn one hundred people gather to see you and you give them life lessons, say what you need to say, say goodbye, and let them ask you questions about your life. So everyone at my school was coming to my grandfather's half funeral to say goodbye whether they knew him or not. We were split into groups of four and five, my group containing Donavan, Ashlee, Brett, and some other people. We waited in lines as groups went in to talk to him. People were bored. Right before going in, I began crying because I thought he was gonna die and was sad he had to tell people about himself that didn't care to listen. I remember kids whispering, "Look, Ally's crying." Going into the room, he was sitting at a table that circled him and we sat on chairs outside it. He talked to us as a whole and then one at a time. My eyes were red. Donavan kept looking at me. I woke up before my Grandpa said anything to me. It's funny because he looked younger in the dream then he does now even though he turned 100 in the dream and didn't reach that yet.