Train tracks , wrong place

Date: 6/26/2019

By wzzzuup

I was in college .. there was some event so I was attending.. some emotional song was playing in the background... I loved it so I went closer to the stage... A friend of mine said.. I'll transfer you the money.. account number and password are the same then I met a friend.. he offered me a lift.. we were 3 friends on his bike.. on the way we saw waterfall. Someone challenged him to drive a bike and jump into the river/ lake... So he did that. We were headed to nearby town by the beach we didn't know the way.. we saw dead end first then we saw a train.. so we followed a train tracks to the destination.. but we missed the track and we went with goods carrying train. There were 2 trains on 2 tracks we survived somehow . We were still on the bike.. he drove bike in the nearby lake then we sat on the wall near the train tracks.... we heard gunshot.. someone was following us. Officials maybe... My friends ran along the track.. but I prefer to jump in the river.. I went at the bottom so no one can see me. But that person had flashlight...he flashed everywhere.. but nothing.. at last he flashed at the bottom and that was me.. he flashed light in my eyes and I woke up.