Lost at Sea

Date: 2/23/2019

By Erock7998

In my dream I was on Canary Island, it was me and my wife and my step sister and her husband. There were other people that I didn’t know as well. My wife and I were strolling down a path between what looked like a rich neighborhood and the sea. The neighborhood had big houses, almost like mansions. Lush green lawns and a well maintained path that we were walking on. We passed on property that had a jacuzzi right on the beach. We passed a small house that was on the beach, the small waves were coming across the porch. Next thing I know I am on a yacht with people that I don’t know except for my step sister and her husband and a few other people. We are out at sea when suddenly a storm came out of nowhere. Rain poured down and I could hear thunder, clouds formed and got dark very quickly. The boat started to capsize and we tried to Make an attempt to climb down and use a row boat to escape. A few people made it down but there were sharks in the water, they kept attacking the people and they bit the boat apart, my step sister was eaten in the process as were the other passengers, I remember I was scared, but I knew I had to get off the boat. I My brother in law disappeared he never went into the ocean. I finally made my way down and found my self on a flat board from the wreckage. The sharks followed me for some time, but when I made my way towards a cliff, their heads started to glow and they turned and left. I was adrift at sea, I remember I kept saying 18 days, I’ve been at sea for 18 days. I finally passed another boat when I looked up and noticed I was floating to shore on another island, I climbed off the wood and onto the beach. The sand was grey and white, their were houses that were set high in a hill, the one house I can recall looked like a log cabin. I could feel like there were other people around but I didn’t see anyone. I felt a sense of relief knowing that I made it to dry land again.